Ron Wigginton
Land and Water, 1978

Selected Exhibitions:

1965San Francisco Museum of Art, “Art Association Annual”, San Francisco, California

1966Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, "Awards Annual" Invitational, New York, New York

1968State Capital Museum, "Oregon-Washington-West", Olympia, Washington

1969Henry Gallery, University of Washington, “Northwest Craftsmen Annual”, Seattle

1972Portland Art Museum, “Artists of Oregon Annual”, Portland, Oregon

1972Northwest Craft Center & Gallery, “Lotus”, One-person show, Seattle

1972Contemporary Crafts Gallery, “Troutdale Series”, One-person show, Portland, Oregon

1972Humboldt Galleries, “Gallery Artists”, San Francisco, California

1973Anneberg Gallery, “Landscape”, One-person show, San Francisco, California

1973Foster/White Gallery, “New Talent”, Seattle, Washington

1974Seattle Art Museum, “Annual Exhibition of Northwest Artists”, Seattle, Washington

1974Tacoma Art Museum, “Crafts ‘74”, Tacoma, Washington

1974Foster/White Gallery, “Sculpture ‘74’, Seattle, Washington

1974Foster/White Gallery, “Tsukubai”, One-person show, Seattle, Washington

1975Palais Des Congress, “American Painters in Paris”, Paris, France

1975Seattle Art Museum, “Works On Paper”, Seattle, Washington

1977The Tokyo America Club, “Landscape Puzzle”, One-person show, Tokyo, Japan

1981Thomas Babeor Gallery, "Paintings, Drawings & Prints”, La Jolla, California

1981Quint Gallery,” Source Of Power”, One-person show, La Jolla, California

1982Gallery Graphics, “Dorland Mountain Suite”, One-person show, San Diego, California

1983Quint Gallery, "Continue’”, San Diego, California

1984LAVA Invitational, “To the Astonishing Horizon”, Los Angeles, California

1985Quint Gallery, “City Forest”, Installation, San Diego, California

1986Visual Arts Center Gallery, Installation, Cal State University. Fullerton, California

1987Landmark Art Collaborative, “Museum of Seasonal Change -The Arena”, San Diego

1991Wurster Gallery, University of California, “Ron Wigginton/Land Studio”, Berkeley

1992Corcoran Gallery,  “Art As Landscape”, Washington, D.C

2005Chiayi Cultural Center, "Museum of Seasonal Change", Chiayi, Taiwan

2009Museum of Northwest Art, "Dreaming - Selections from the Permanent Collection", La Conner, Washington

2011The LightRoom, "Daughtering", One-person show, "Sonning Series", 2011, Berkeley, California

2012Wurster Gallery, "Landscapes Of The Western Imagination", Berkeley, California

2015Fresno Art Museum solo exhibition, “from The Lake”, Fresno, California